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Charity Study 1: Donor Research

Clarient Research developed a set of questions for donors with the charity that included:

· tracker questions from previous research
· a deeper exploration of donors' empathy/willingness to support the charity's aims and objectives
· a thorough exploration of why donors currently support and how they first donated
· had donors heard of Gift Aid/payroll giving?
· had donors visited the web-site in past 3 months? What did they think of it?

Clarient undertook a small number of qualitative interviews. A postal survey was sent to approximately 1,000 supporters and included a stratified random sample of high value, current and lapsed donors.

Conclusion: Our client used the results to restructure and enliven their communication programme with donors and potential donors.

Charity Study 2: Beneficiaries Survey

Working closely with the charity, Clarient Research developed specific questions which included:

· importance/impact of various services
· importance of new services
· satisfaction with the performance and delivery of services
· how well did the organisation induct new members?
· how well did the organisation deal with enquiries and issue resolution?

Clarient Research undertook qualitative testing and a telephone survey to 200 beneficiaries included a stratified random sample of various segments e.g. long-term, newly joined.

Conclusion: Our client used the results to reconfigure the way their services were maintained and delivered to their beneficiaries. Our clinet has tracked its peformance on a biennial basis since 2003.